Buying A House Or Condo In Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo is a residential community in the northernmost section of the City of San Diego. The town is considered a meticulously planned township with private parks and clubs for every neighborhood in the vicinity. The ambiance of the community distinguishes it from other parts of the county as it is snuggled within a valley, around 7,000 acres, with over 44,000 residents.

The town plaza consists of small businesses counting computer services, attorneys, insurance, real estate, escrow, financial, and mortgage companies. There are high tech and entrepreneurial type businesses as well.

The history of the town is quite interesting. It started as a land-grant of 17,763 from the then King of Spain in the later 1700s. The region during that time was called “La Canada de San Bernardo.” The first documented property owner of the district was an English captain of a ship named Joseph Sevenoaks. The town went through centuries of changing hands and finally became one of the select communities in the United States.

The area is now residentially built out with an occasional piece of land being developed. Districts spread all through the rolling hills of the vicinity are lined with red tile roofed stucco abodes. The town offers various types of dwellings from large apartments to custom homes.

Residents take pleasure in the easy accessibility to anywhere in San Diego County. Interstate 15 flows right through the city, with State Route 56 resting directly south of the town and Highway 78 to the north. Thirty minutes away is the San Diego International Airport. Bus stops are placed throughout the community with frequently scheduled stops all through the week.

Educational opportunities in the area are a part of the well respected Poway Unified School District. Most of the schools in the district have been acknowledged as Blue Ribbon Schools, an honor bestowed only on America’s best. The region has several elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Continued education opportunities are available at local campuses like the National University and University of Phoenix.

There are a number golf courses in the community and residents have impressive places to dine, taste wines, and to visit local shops. Hiking and fishing opportunities are close by at Lake Poway and Lake Hodges. There is also the world renowned wild animal park where people of all ages take pleasure in the sight of animals in their natural habitats.

The community of Rancho Bernardo is a great place to live, raise a family, and retire. With award winning schools, nearness to San Diego, fantastic business opportunities, and the easy access to the beach and the slopes, the city has something for everyone; it’s simply a great place to live!

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