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Culturally distinct, North Park is domicile to Craftsman Bungalows and cottages, cafes, diners, boutiques, several microbreweries, and a Farmers Market. The Ray Street Arts District has a theatre along with a bastion of creativity in the region. The town is located in the center of San Diego, just north of Balboa Park.

The most widespread of the urban communities, the town is a mishmash. On the north edge of the park, there are cozy, orderly sections of Craftsman abodes, dense apartments with pre-interstate shopping accessibility along stretches of El Cajon Blvd and University Ave.

The district is bounded on the south by Switzer Canyon and Balboa Park, on the north by El Cajon Blvd and perhaps Meade Avenue, on the west by Florida Street, and on the east by Interstate Highway 805. The community has been experiencing a rebirth since 1993. Fresh sidewalks, an influx of art, new landscaping, entertainment, and culture make the district worth living and visiting.

Outside of its unique diversity, the community is exclusive for its architecture that dominates the neighborhood. It is tantamount to the Craftsman cottages and bungalows that mirror California’s period of suburban growth. In recent times, there has been a revival of the area and the gentrification of its sub neighborhoods. The neighborhood includes single family homes, apartments, companies, and art. The business district is distinct unto itself and quite exceptional for a community.

The intersection of University and 30th is a thriving hub of the town. The residents in the area are upper middle class, making the region an above average earning district. The area is described as hip and trendy with a mixture of urban sophisticates.

The area has some cool bars for hanging out like the Whistle Stop, Scolari’s Office, and the Bar Pink Elephant. The newly refurbished theatre is domicile to the Claire de Lune coffee house and the San Diego Lyric Opera, local music is offered as well.

Shopping is no problem with plenty of pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, service establishments, and retail outlets close by. Everything a resident could ask for is within reach. The area also has a downtown that is identified by a huge sign in the center of University Avenue close to 30th street. In fact, the sign is an actual facsimile of the original that was demolished in the 1960s and replaced in 1993 after the locals realized it had disappeared!

Other communities nearby include Normal Heights, Hillcrest, City Heights, and South Park to name a few.

North Park is a great town that is continuously evolving with established businesses, great shopping, and fine dining.

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