Buying A House Or Condo In Mission Hills

Famously regarded as one of San Diego’s best neighborhoods, Mission Hills is characterized by elegant homes meticulously set along tree lined streets. The district has a flourishing business center and a strong sense of community. Flanking the pulsating Hillcrest area and hovering over Old Town and the valley, the district is positioned only several minutes northwest of downtown. With luxuriant landscaping and winding canyons, entering into the vicinity is like entering paradise. Additionally, its central locality and quick access to transportation puts residents and visitors just minutes from all the action in San Diego.

The area is one of San Diego’s most desirable and oldest neighborhoods. It was urbanized in the 1900s and is architecturally impressive. In fact, the majority of the district is refurbished to pristine condition. Contemporary homes were built along the canyon edge by esteemed architects like John Lloyd Wright.

The original home of the area, Villa Orizaba, was constructed in the late 1880s and additional sub divisions such as Inspiration Heights and Avalon were created at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, the area has its own distinct identity and the homes have taken on a variety of styles such as Prairie Homes, Craftsman Bungalows, and Spanish styles, to name a few.

Once more, the community is amicable. An active business community offers shopping, fine dining, and various services within walking distance for residents. Multiple yearly events are held in the neighborhood to celebrate its great history and continued prosperity.

Most of the local businesses are positioned directly along West Washington Street from Hillcrest to the east at the center of Goldfinch Street between W Washington and Fort Stockton. Pubs, restaurants, shops, and various services for residents of the community offers everything they could ever need.

With a decent merger of college students, safe environment, and reasonable walkability to shopping and dining, the neighborhood is highly rated as a college friendly area to live, and one that parents and college student might want to think about. Non college aged residents are taken to the San Diego Unified School District for elementary, middle, and high school.

What is so unique and fantastic about the region is its shear diversity of neighborhoods, which makes it easy for new residents to settle in the area that fully suits their lifestyle and ambitions. In addition, Mission Hills has a working population of professionals who are employed in executive and management positions. Residents are considered upper-middle income, making the community an above average income region.

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