Buying A House Or Condo In El Cajon

El Cajon is a California community located in San Diego County. It is positioned roughly 15 miles east of the city, and linked by Interstate Highway 8. Established in 1912, the primary central region of the town grew into a much bigger incorporated district, synchronized with large population increases taking place following World War II and again between 1970 and 1990. 

As a General Law municipality, the city obtains legal authority for its city act not from the city charter but from the State of California. The town is managed by a five-member City Council counting an elected Mayor. 

The district is domicile to Southern California Seminary, San Diego Christian College, Cuyamaca College, and Grossmount Community College. In addition, within the town’s borders are Knox House Museum and Gillespie Field Airport. There are several amusements close by like Balboa Park, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and LegoLand, which is approximately 40-miles north to name a few. 

The region has its own interesting history as well. There are two historical names that come to mind that were involved in the early development of the modern commercial growth of the region. Those are “The Corners” and “The Big Box Valley.” Its expansion is directly connected to its original role as the pro-farmer heartland and communications hub of San Diego County. 

During the early years of the nineteenth century, the investigation of the mission padres for pastureland brought them to the region. The nearby foothills were an obstacle to straying livestock as well as a watershed to collect the sparse rainfall for lush grasslands along the valley floor. 

For many years, the pasturelands backed the cattle herds of the mission and the native Indians that converted. Eventually, the region grew into the municipality it is today with an educated populace with bachelor’s degrees or advanced degrees, similar to the national average for all US cities and towns. Nearly 18% of the town’s adults aged 25 or older have a college degree. The local public schools such as Fuerte Elementary School, Hillsdale Middle School, and Grossmont Middle College High School, are all highly rated. 

The city boasts seventeen parks, six community recreation centers, one performing arts center, two libraries and one airport. El Cajon is a diverse community that offers many things to do, employment, and proximity to one of the most famous cities in the world, San Diego. With 34 constituent neighborhoods, and the 68th largest community in California, there is no reason for any resident or visitor to become bored in such a diverse and welcoming environment. The city has weathered its speedy growth period with a stable economy and a governmental configuration that provides full municipal services.

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