Buying A House Or Condo In Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego is located right in the heart of the city, which is also referred as the Center City. This lively neighborhood serves as the financial and cultural center of the county. It is located in a strategic place bordering San Diego Bay to the west and southwest. There are several aspects that make this city among the best in the world to live in.

Beautiful Climate

The climate is simply lovely. It is classified as semi-arid and is characterized by mild sunny weathers across the year. Annual temperatures average 57.3 degrees Fahrenheit, with January to August having average monthly temperatures of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This coupled with the sunny and partly cloudy days makes the weather perfect for holiday making.


The city has a collection of restaurants that give you a romantic countryside treat right in the middle of the city. The haute cuisines only experienced in luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and high level establishments can be sampled right here. One of the striking aspects of the restaurants here is their warm and charming ambiance. They exactly know what you need to relax and have fun, and the customer service is simply exceptional. All these factors combined give you an exquisite and sensational fine dining.

Recreation Parks and Picnic Sites

You can never get bored in Downtown San Diego. There are lots of lush green parks and picnic sites situated at the middle of the town. One of which is the Water Front Park where people can walk along and just have fun. Ruocco Park is an interactive public space that intelligently integrates hardscape, art and ornamental horticulture. This gives people an excellent view while they enjoy the waterfront and skyline. Other parks include the Pantoja Park and Balboa Park among many others.

Educational Facilities

Going to school is no problem either as Downtown San Diego has a numerous collection of both private and public education institutions. They range from elementary to tertiary institutions with excellent modern learning facilities. Some of them include the Washington Elementary School, San Diego High School, San Diego College and Roosevelt Middle School.

Transport Infrastructure

The neighborhood has an excellent road and rail network. The streets here are laid in a grid pattern with roads numbered and named. This makes it easy to move around. The main thoroughfares include Broadway and Market Streets, Harbor Drive, Park Ave and Pacific Highway. The downtown area is served by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and a commuter train that links Northern San Diego with the downtown area. There is also the San Diego International Airport located on the northwest area.

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