Buying A House Or Condo In Bonita

Bonita takes its name from the word “pretty,” which perfectly describes this region with rolling hills and gorgeous landscape. However, what is truly distinctive about the area is its resistance to over development, which has left the region pretty much how it was 50 years ago.

Changed from a slow two lane country road, to a busy four lane city street, the township showcases several shopping centers, museum, churches, library, professional buildings, and golf courses. The road with the same name as the town is the main artery of the community, and where you will find the BBPA, the professional association of the community, conveniently located in the civic center.

Many residents of the region enjoy the trails around the area and enjoy going riding with the other inhabitants in the neighborhood. Some riding trails are bordered with orange and lemon trees, emulating those bits and pieces of time when the entire community was covered with groves. The orchard legacy is celebrated each year at the Bonita fest together with other unique things that make the area distinctive like crafts, food, and the favorite of the residents, the parade.

The town is a serene California district in southern San Diego. This assures a thriving international nightlife for renters searching for homes to rent or buy, as they get their children settled in the San Diego Public School system.

Opportunities for work and recreation are plentiful, especially with San Diego close by; therefore, making a home in this bustling town is a good move. In fact, with friendly people and idyllic weather, there is no better place to bring-up a family or establish a business. Never mind the rolling hills, parks, and open spaces.

The town is near Chula Vista and Encanto, two California regions positioned nearby the stunning Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of sumptuous amenities as well. The Chula Vista Golf Course and the Terra Nova Plaza Shopping Center are just two of the many amenities residents have to choose from.

The town has some interesting facts such as the role Spanish settlers played in the district’s early history. More information can be found at the Sweetwater Valley Civic Association. Moreover, the area actually became settled due to a large number of pioneers venturing west to take advantage of the gold rush.

The Bonita Unified School District has twelve schools that students can attend. The educational standards of the area are considered high and parents are usually passionate about getting their children the best education possible.


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