When the city of Rancho Santa Fe is mentioned to anyone from Southern California, the reaction is astonishment. The “Ranch” as it is called by its residents, is possibly one of the chicest areas in the country with the most incredible homes on the planet. Located just four miles from the Pacific Ocean, this laid back community of San Diego includes homes sitting primarily on huge lots.

view of Rancho Santa FeThe homes of Rancho Santa Fe are truly remarkable and the entire community is, without question, impressive. The Ranch is the top choice for those who desire the best of everything and want to live in the most elite communities. With a charming yet modish downtown district featuring the best money can buy, residents have all the amenities and conveniences of a major city with the comfort of remaining close to home.

The city is mostly a residential area with stunning properties scattered throughout the district. The community has a list of notable celebrities as inhabitants like Bill Gates and Olympic snowboarder Shaun White. The town is the ultimate in luxury living. Not only that, the city is ranked at the top of the list as the highest income community in the US. The median income is approximately $245,000 in a district of roughly 3,118 people. It is literally a private sanctuary to those who can afford it.

There are smaller subdivisions within the community that include only a sprinkling of homes. However, the key component is the unbelievable properties throughout the community. Pricey neighborhoods include Cielo, The Covenant, The Crosby, and Morgan Run. And even pricier homes in areas like Fairbanks Ranch, The River Estates and Farms, and The Groves, are homes that more often than not only old money can afford.

Other notable points of interests is a village under the same name that features some of the finest, most exclusive shops and dining in the entire metro. Moreover, there are a few exclusive private schools, which is expected given the exclusivity of the homes and residents in the district.

Due to its nearness to Del Mar, the city is famous for its infatuation with horses. Inhabitants frequent one of the few equestrian facilities, meet at polo matches, or just ride on the bridal paths around the area. When cruising through the vicinity, horses in pastures is not an uncommon sight.

Though the community is not positioned immediately near a body of water, most inhabitants possess vessels and other seaworthy crafts that are docked in the lovely San Elijo Lagoon and San Elijo Lagoon County Park. In actuality, these facilities are located in Solana Beach; however, they are only a short ways from the middle of the district.

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