Chula Vista CA is situated near the hub of one of the wealthiest cultural, economic, and environmentally sundry areas in the US. The second largest municipality in San Diego County with a population well over 200,000, the town is a coastal paradise with canyons, mountains, beautiful parks, and plenty of trails. The region is a pioneer in renewable energy and conservation. They have the benefit of excellent public schools, and honored with the title “one of the safest cities in the United States.”

Well-grounded neighborhoods, modern communities, businesses, start-up companies, well-known entertainment spots, home to the country’s only temperate climate Olympic Training Center, a historic downtown and prized nature center, all contribute to the city’s allure for both families and businesses.

The name of the city means “beautiful view,” and it’s easy to see why. However, it’s not just the stunning views that make thisChula Vista district so exceptional. There’s fantastic year-round weather, mountains and open space, coastline, sports enthusiasts, birders, and various types who love outdoor beauty while living in a safe well-kept area. For instance, The Marina & Yacht club offers water fun for boaters and kayakers, while cyclist take pleasure in cycling along the Bayshore Bikeway while viewing the many wonders of San Diego Bay.

The Third Avenue Village is the cultural hub of the city. It features historical architecture, specialty shops, landmark restaurants,
 a weekly farmers market, and seasonal outdoor live-music concerts.

With over 100 of the country’s most popular shopping outlets, the nearby Otay Ranch Town Center is something that every keen shopper who comes into the region should experience. This built-up, open-air center includes a number of amenities. There’s a library, a pet-friendly dog sitter and nearby dog park, cafes, fireplace, food pavilion, and a fun play fountain for kids.

The vicinity boasts superb schools. There are 16 private schools, 63 public schools, and 79 K-12 schools in the region. The city’s schools are part of four districts that include the Elementary School District, County-Office School District, High Technology School District, and the Sweetwater Union High School district. Going by the many school districts it’s easy to get the feeling that the city is very welcoming to families and extremely child friendly.

The area harbors 60 well-groomed parks and sports fields that are used by the locals for outdoor sports, recreational activities, and picnics. Residents and visitors alike experience enjoyment with water slides, rides, interesting marine animals, and plenty of family excitement at Sea World Aquatica. For the grown-ups, there are four exigent golf courses and world-class entertainment at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre, San Diego’s leading open-air music spot.